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Vitex, or chasteberry, is a popular supplement for women’s health. 

It has been used to treat symptoms of PMS and menopause as well as fertility issues. 

But what brand should you purchase? 

I researched the best brands on the market so that you don’t have to! 

Read my blog post to find out which vitex is best for you and your body.

“Back pain is a common problem for athletes, but it can be solved with the help of a good waist trainer. 

Long torso waist trainers are designed to support your back and abs so you can exercise without getting back injuries.”

Epilators are a great alternative to waxing. 

They can be used on any area of the body, from the face down to the toes, and they’re much more gentle than waxing. 

Epilation treatments take about an hour or two total depending on how thick your hair is. 

The epilator removes only a few hairs at a time rather than ripping them all out in one go like with waxing, so it’s less painful too. 

Here are our top five picks for women looking for their next epilator!

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