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Company Bio

Healthycraft is a health blog that focuses on how to live your best life. 

The goal of Healthycraft is to give you the tools and knowledge for optimal health, so you can live an extraordinary life. 

Our commitment is to inspire people with compelling content about various topics in order to get their sympathy for different types of products. 

We introduce our product as an advantage when it’s used first rather than the characteristics of the product. 

Lastly, we create a brand with credibility by introducing questions customers have about our products.

Personal Bio

Ethan Kim
Ethan Kim

Hey! I'm Ethen. I live in Korea. 

I have always been interested in health, exercise and lifestyle products. 

This is why I started Healthycraft.

Ever since I was young, the pursuit of health has been a strong part of my life. 

After graduating from military service, I decided to pursue an interest in affiliate marketing and e-commerce. 

The more knowledge I gained about this field, the more interested I became in it.

I have expertise in the fields of exercise physiology and weight training, so naturally this has influenced what products are available on Healthycraft. 

One way that people can get fit is by exercising at home or working out with friends or family members outdoors. 

But many times they don’t know how to start because there are too many options which equipment should they use? 

How often should they work out? 

What type of workout is best for them? 

This is the gap that I have tried to fill with Healthycraft.

Healthycraft provides information on fitness, health and lifestyle products. 

We want our readers to trust us as a source of knowledge, which they can use to make an informed decision about how to improve their lifestyles. 

We are also an affiliate marketing website, so if any of our readers are interested in buying any of our featured products, we can help them to do so. 

We are very selective about who we feature on Healthycraft because it is important that everything on the site is high quality and reliable.

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